Saturday, February 13, 2016

Review of Jaz's Warriors by Ann Mayburn

I received this book as an ARC for honest review. 

In this book we meet Jaz, Tandar, Mavet, and Xentix. When this book begins we find Jaz in a session with a couple, as a couples councilor this was something that she was trained to do. On this day just as the counseling session is about to come to a close there are some loud blast sounds that come from outside. Not completely knowing what is happening she knows after years of living in one of the rougher neighborhoods that it is safer to stay behind closed doors than to get caught in the mob mentality. The other thing she has on her side is she is in a her building and does not have to leave to be safe. She also knows for now she can keep her clients safe as well. As the daughter of a preacher she knows when to give charity and when to give protection and the difference between the two. Something happens during this time and women all over the planet start to open themselves up to the possibility to something more out there. Jaz begins dreaming about three men who protect her and all they ask is that she accept them. She does not know them at the time, but later learns that the women hold all the power in their relationships. 

Mavet, and Xentix know that they have found the one woman who will not only make them whole but will save them. The reason being if the men of Kadothian do not find their Matriarch the will go mad and die. They start the process but developing a psychic link with the woman they are meant to be with. They can only help that when they finally meet that this woman will accept them. They are use to multiple partners in these types of relationships because there are no taboos for this in their society. Also the limited number or women have made the men open to other types of relationships then a traditional m/f only like on earth. 

This is an amazing book about finding love and being willing to open yourself to the possibility of helping someone no matter what your original thoughts are. I thought that the way they show each of their strengths and weakness actually help in a relationship not hinder it. I would recommend this book to anyone and everyone. 

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