Sunday, June 19, 2016

Her Twin Stepbrother w/ Failure to Stop by Terry Towers

I received this book as an ARC for an honest review. 

Andrea' father married Eric & Sam's mom, 6 years later both of their parents are dead and they are running the family bar. Eric being the serious one can't see a way to save the bar but he doesn't want to let Andrea down. Both Sam and Eric have been attracted to Andrea for years now but with her being their step-sister they know that she is off limits. Until one night they send her out to check out other clubs to find out what is making them work. Instead they find her some where they never expected. What will this mean for them and for the bar? Can they save it and hold on to Andrea's childhood memories? 

In Failure to Stop

We meet Devon and Violet. After finding out that she is the other woman Violet comes home to her mom's place until she figures out what she is going to do next. On her way to her mom's house she gets pulled over by her high school boyfriend and first love. Things happened right as they were about to graduate from high school and she hasn't been home since. So when she sees him all the old feelings come back but her reason for leaving still is there too. Can she put it all behind her and find a second chance at love? Or will she run away again and never find true happiness? Will Devon finally get the answers to why she left so he can move on? Or will the answers lead him back into his first love's arms where he will stay forever?

Both books are amazing they are quick reads. Both of them show what fighting for what you believe in can give you the greatest reward. I would recommend this book set to anyone and everyone. 

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