Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Review of Love on Fire by Zach Jenkins

I received this book as an ARC for an honest review. 

In this book we meet Clay and Ezra. They were school mates in high school but on the night of graduation they almost kissed but Clay's fear of being know as a gay man held him back. Now years later Clay is a firefighter in their local hometown and Ezra needs to come to help his mom. Ezra is having some tough times. He just lost his job, his mom has broken her leg, and his prospects for meeting a hot guy are nil. So he agrees to come home and help his mom  out for a while. He is unable to commit for any length of time. He wants to be closer to his mom but there is always something that holds him back. When he sees Clay again the prospect of staying in town seem like something he thinks he could do for now. But does he really want to stay for a guy who isn't willing to be with him in the long run?

Clay has always dated women but there is just something about Ezra that he just can't forget. He finds is kind of funny that the same time he begins to wonder where Ezra is and what he is doing these days is the same time he sees him again. The things he still feels something for him and that still scares him some. After Clay and his girlfriend split up he doesn't know if he should feel bad or guilty because he just feels relief. Will he go after the man he has never been able to forget or will he let his fear rule him?

This book is amazing it shows us just what will happen if you let fear run your life. It also shows us how we should never give up on the chance at love no matter what your age is. Ezra's mom is an amazing example that shows not only her son but anyone what you should look for in life. She also teaches him never to settle for what is easy. I think that even though some people might look at this and say it is just a m/m book and pass, that they will be missing out on a amazing book. I would highly recommend this book to anyone and everyone. 

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