Friday, June 17, 2016

Review of Home for Three by Nicole Stewart

I received this book as an ARC for an honest review. 

How would you react if you thought the person you loved might be into someone else? In this book we meet Jack, Selwyn, and Kess they have to answer this very question. When this book opens up we find that Jack and Selwyn are living in a apartment that doesn't really meet their needs but works for now. As you look around the apartment you can really tell the difference between them. One is organized everything in it's place the other is well to put it nicely it will get put away when it gets put away. They are the typical odd couple but they work. Selwyn loves Jack's organizational skills and Jack loves how Selwyn pulls him out of his rut every now and them. they ahve been a couple for awhile now but there are still some dark clouds in this happy relationship. So when they both meet Kess at a party thrown by mutual friends of theirs they wonder what will happen with those dark clouds? Will they take over their relationship because of her or will she help finally banish them for good?

When we meet Kess Houston we find that she has gotten out of a very bad relationship. Where her now ex Fred constantly tried to change her and when he felt he couldn't change her anymore at that point he dumped her. So for all intensive purposes Kess gave up on men. She isn't looking doesn't want to try and feels like it just isn't worth her time. If it wasn't for her best friend  Isabelle Carver she would never leave the house except to show homes to potential clients. Kess is one of the best realtors in Savannah and takes her job seriously. Sometimes just a little to seriously and Belle knows just how to get her friend to have some fun. So when one of Belle's clients invite her to a party at their house to show off their new baby she just has to drag her bestie alone. Kess doesn't want to go to the party but one look at Jack and Selwyn separately and together she knows she did the right thing by letting her friend drag her alone. Even when she realizes Jack and Selwyn are a couple she just figures she has found new friends who aren't hard on the eyes. What happens though when she thinks they want more? Will she let her fears hold her back or will she try for something new?

This is a great story that we can all relate to. It has the pain and fears after a bad break up. The worries when you start something new. The feelings of am I the only one feeling this or do they feel something more to? This book may be about three people trying a new relationship but it touches on real issues no matter what the relationship is. I think this book is amazing and I would recommend it to anyone and everyone. Remember everyone deserves true love no matter who you love. 

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