Saturday, June 18, 2016

Review of Beast by Alana Albertson

I received this book as an ARC for an honest review. 

In this book we meet Isabelle "Isa" Cuesta and Grady Williams. As this book opens up we find out what happened to Grady while overseas and how he came to have all of his scars. We also find out why he became the national treasure as everyone calls him. Grady just sees himself as a beast or a monster with all of his scars. His PTSD  and physical pain don't help matters either. So one night he hears a frat party going on and decides he will give it a try at that party he meets Isa and what happens next shocks him. But can he believe that she really wants to be with him or will he ruin the best thing that has come into his life?

Isa doesn't do parties but when her best friend won't take no for an answer she puts on the costume and goes. Isa has had a rough time of life as well from being a reality start to trying to drop out of the public eye without causing any more of a scandle than she already has.  So when she meets Grady at this costume party she figure he recognizes her and is only a one night stand. Just to say he has been with her. Something happens though at that party that have her going after Grady and just hoping that she is wrong about him and that he will want more. But how can 2 broken people find a way to be together when neither is over the brokenness to begin with?

This is an amazing book that deals with quite a few issues that many people go through. The PTSD of a soldier who is one of the few surviving members or their core. To the death of a loved one by suicide. I like how the author shows that therapy isn't a one size fits all thing you have to find what works for you to begin the healing process, even then there can still be triggers that you didn't realize you still have. This is a twist on the telling of beauty and the beast but mostly from Grady's point of view. I would recommend this book to anyone and everyone you might find you connect with it in ways you never thought you would. 

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