Friday, June 17, 2016

Review of Fire Dragon's Baby Elemental Dragons by Scarlett Grove

I received this book as an ARC for an honest review. 

In this book we meet Prince Salvatt Dorr of Galaton he is one of the 4 Council of Princes on Galaton. We also meet Celeste Dawes. Prince Salvatt knows that each of the Princes must find their mate or all of Galaton will be lost. With the mating lottery now being opened to their world there is a chance to save them. There has been much unrest since the last female of their kind died a year ago and they know in order to survive they need mates and offspring. The problem they are having is to ensure even a tense peace on their world they all must stay on it, and to get a human mate would take a year to get to them. So what they propose to the mating council is that they be allowed to impregnate their mate before they leave earth. That way when they arrive on Galaton their mating and sire will not be in question. The question then becomes can they like all Draconian's survive the mating pull of their dragon once their mate is found? 

Celeste has been waiting for her Draconian mate for 7 years now and so far she has not been chosen. All she has wanted is to be mated and have offspring, so she is still holding out hope. But as the days go by she is beginning to wonder if she should just settle with a human male. For now she knows she won't give up hope. One day she finally gets the call she has been mated but it isn't at all how she thought it would be. Her mate is a year away, she has to get pregnant carry a baby to term and deliver it all before she meets him. She knows now that she has been chosen if she doesn't go to her mate then he will go insane but is she really ready to give up her life on earth forever?

This book is similar but different the the other books this author has written. It still has the mates finding one another and having that pull but first there is a lot both of them have to go through to get there. It has a lot of the everyday struggle that couples have with thoughts of am I enough will the other person want me? Over all this is an amazing book I would highly recommend it. 

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