Sunday, October 22, 2017

Review of Paying the Debt by Madison Faye

I received this book with the understanding that I could leave a voluntary and honest review. 

In this book we meet Skye Jensen and Jagger Kovac. Skye's dad has just bet her in a poker game and lost. So she is now the property of the local mob boss Jagger Kovac. Though she is scared after all she has heard about him she knows he has a powerful pull. She has seen him once in the past  and wanted him even then. However she wonders what she will be required to do once she is truly his. Can she give herself to this man completely or will she end up being hurt by another man?

Jagger has been watching Skye for awhile now and the more he sees the more he knows he must have this woman completely. He has been waiting for the perfect opportunity to get her away from her abusive father and he has played right into his hands by betting her at the poker tables one night. Now he wonders can he have the woman he has been obsessing over or will he loose it all?

This is another great story from this author. This shows two people who have come from a rough background looking for a ray of sunshine at the end of a very dark tunnel. This book has some ups and downs that I really want to tell you about but don't want to ruin the story for any other readers. I would however highly recommend this book to anyone and everyone. 

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