Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Review of Alien Commander's Bride by Scarlett Grove

In this book we meet Nash and Lexi.

Lexi's family has come under hard times ever since the alien's brought their technology to earth. In exchange for the aliens being able to mate with the woman of earth they have given us technology that we have never had before. The problem with this is it has unbalanced the economics of the planet. Those who have the technology are rich everyone else is barely getting by. It has also brought about new drugs and much trading on the underground. Lexi's father was out of a job for so long that he had to borrow money from loan sharks to help him work on the technology for the underground. Now they are calling in the debt and the way they want it paid for is by taking Lexi's younger sister. Lexi has raised her sister since their mother died of cancer when they were younger. Lexi will do anything to protect her even go along with the mating lottery that her father signs her up for. 

Nash is the commander in the Draconian armada and is excited to find out that they have matched him with his perfect mate, to bad he can't get her on board. Nash knows they will be perfect together but the more he finds out about his mate the more he wants to give her everything to make up for her hardships. Nash knows that he must mate to survive but he refuses to force his mate just for his own survival. 

This book is amazing it is about falling in love even under the most dire circumstances. I would highly recommend this book to anyone and everyone. 

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