Friday, December 11, 2015

Review of Wicked White by Michelle Valentine

In this book we meet Ace Johnson and Iris Easton.

When this book opens up we find that Iris is looking to fill all of the trailers on the land that her family has owned for many generation. She has just recently lost her grandmother and found that she owes years of back taxes. She knows she can't give up her family legacy but she has dreams of her own. She wants to be a star on Broadway. So she and her best friend put an ad out on the internet to see if they can fill the trailer. Iris is hoping that someone will want to rent from her because she lives in a small town and were she is located there is no cell service and no internet. She is also not sure what to make of the e-mail response she gets when she checks her ad while in town there is no information just a phone number. She knows she needs the money but she wonders how badly with a person who limits the information she receives. Little did Iris know what she would get when she actually meets the man behind that number. 

Ace has had it with a band that can't work together. When he gets the call about his mom in the hospital and this being his last possible chance to see her he knows he has to go. Ace feels bad because when he gets there all he gets is a chance to say goodbye to the woman who raised him. She is in a coma when he does this and all he wants is to see her eyes just one more time. When the press hounds him not only at the funeral but also he just has to get away. Since joining Wicked White his name has always been Ace White so he figures he can get away with using his real name to just get it away from it all until he clears his head. Upon coming to the trailer park he knows this is the perfect way to get away. With it being so backwater no one will realize it is him he just needs to keep his head down and stay away from the smokin' hot manager Iris. He knows hooking up with her will only hurt one or both of them. 

This is a great book about love, family, and loyalty to those you love the most. Sure there are ups and downs but what rocker book doesn't have those. This book shows what the power of love can do both when you are with the person and when you can't. Sometimes the lessons that we learn while we are with someone special are the ones that we can call upon when we need them most. That is the biggest lesson learned in this book. I would highly recommend this book to anyone and everyone. 

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