Thursday, December 24, 2015

Review of Release A Walker Brothers Novel by J.S. Scott

I received this book as an ARC for an honest review. 

In this book we meet Trace Walker and Evangelina Guadalupe Morales or Eva for short. When Eva first meets she is just looking for a job. She doesn't know who Chloe is and why she would have sent a woman to meet with Trace. When Trace offers her a job for just until Christmas is over she turns him down she wants something permanent. She knows she needs something permanent to be able to survived for more than the moment. Eva knows how to survive she also worries if Trace learns all of her secrets not only will he not hire her, he will throw her out on the street. All Eva needs is someone to give her a chance to prove she is worthy. 

Trace knows there is something special about Eva from the moment he meets her, but what really throws him is how protective he feels for her. Trace only feels like this for people he truly cares about and in his mind he hasn't known her long enough to have feelings this deep. Trace knows he has to find out everything about Eva and he will do anything to get close to this girl. Trace also learns that this woman is a fighter and will even go to battle against him if he crosses her. 

This book is another amazing hit from this author. It shows us that things aren't always what they seem and remember to dig deeper because you can find an amazing person when you do. I would highly recommend this book. I have said very little about this book because there are so many things that happen that I want every reader to experience them for themselves. Make sure you get your copy today you will not be sorry. 

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