Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Review of Something Wonderful by M. Clark

In this book both couples are back Max and Jenna are going through some rough patches because of Jenna's insecurities. Little does Jenna know that Max is fighting his own demons and needs Jenna by his side not pulling away right now. Jenna doesn't know how to handle all of the new information that is being thrown at her and at the same time she is being told that she has to stay away from Max for his own good. Jenna feels that this just might break them but there is a part of her that cries out for her to stop it. While dealing with it all she isn't sure what is happening between her best friend and Matt. She wants to be there for Becky but can't seem to get out of her own head about what is happening in her own life. 

Becky knows Jenna is dealing with a lot but wishes there was a way to tell her best friend all she is going through with Matt though at times she isn't sure quite what is going on herself. She wants more but isn't sure she can have that. So why does she drop everything when he calls? She know that for her own sanity she has to get away but can she leave her best friend in her time of need?

Mathew doesn't know what to do with this woman who fell into his lap. Part of him feels like he is betraying Tessa when he is with her but another part of him feels like he is finally coming back to life. All he wants is to be able to love and be loved in return again. He just isn't sure he is deserving of it. Plus he knows he still has old demons to face especially after watching Jenna in the hospital but if he takes to long will he loose the one woman who can make him whole again. 

Max needs Jenna more than ever but he knows he has already pushed her so far so fast. He is afraid if he asks for what he wants no needs that it will completely drive her away. He can't bear the thought of loosing her but the way things are going in his life this is exactly what will happen. How can he make her see he was just trying to protect her? How can he find away to mend what ever has driven them to this point? He hopes that not all is lost for them. 

This is another amazing story-line in this series. This book is longer and lets us know what is happening in both of the couples lives and where they are now. This is where things either make or break them both as couples. This book really gives them the ground for where we will see them in the future books. I would highly recommend this book to anyone and everyone. 

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