Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Review of Shark by Emilia Beaumont

I received this book as an ARC for an honest review. 

In this book we meet Vincent and Thea. Thea has always tried to be the good girl because she watched her mother go out and try her own thing and her father cut her from their lives completely. Little does her daddy the Judge know that she is doing something that could get her in a lot of trouble and tarnish his reputation as a judiciary member of the high court. One night though Thea meets Vince while on a job and the sparks are off the chart. The problem with this is the man that she was there to meet doesn't take to kindly to this and makes her life really hard after that. She knows she can't turn to her father for help because she doesn't believe that he will help her. She is also not sure if turning to Vince is really the right call either. 

Vincent has some dark secrets that make him a man that when he sees red everyone should hide, well almost everyone. Vince has an issue with men hitting women and if he sees it he wants to help in anyway he can. The problem he has is not everyone wants help. So when he sees Thea in a bar one night though he can't see her face he knows that he has to get to know this woman one way or another. The next time he sees her he knows she needs help but he is sick of trying to help women who don't really want out of the situation that they are in. He doesn't know Thea's real name when he meets her and for quite a bit of the book he doesn't know her real name but the sparks that fly between them he can't deny them or how they make him feel. 

This is an amazing book about how one wrong move can change your life either to the good or the bad. Also it shows us that sometimes there are people out there that really are there to give a helping hand even when you don't realize you need it. This book does have some reference to some harsh subjects but it makes this book even more amazing the way the author included them. I would recommend this book because even thought it is as step book it has some amazing insights that I think everyone should read. 

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