Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Review of Something Great by M. Clark

In this book we meet Max and Jenna. When this story opens up Jenna and Becky her best friend and roommate are out having drinks giving each of them a chance to catch up on what has been going on in the others busy life. It also gives them both the much needed chance to unwind. While out Becky notices Max watching Jenna and tells her so but with Jenna's past she is not willing to be a cheater and so she chalks it up to a guy checking out a girl in a bar nothing more. Jenna knows that Becky doesn't like Luke but Jenna knows he is a safe boring kind of guy that won't hurt her. At the time this is what she thinks she wants but when she starts seeing Max at different places she isn't sure anymore. Max is just the kind of guy she would normally go after but hearing rumors about him brings out all her insecurities. Jenna isn't sure what she is going to do but staying away from Max is easier said then done especially when she starts a new job and she finds out he is her bosses boss.

Max takes one look at Jenna and knows she is the one for him if only he can get her to acknowledge it. Max wants Jenna and what Max wants Max gets. He just has to find that special something that will bring her to him because once she sees what he is really like there will be no on that can get in between them. He understands that Jenna has been hurt in the past and he will do anything to hold her close and show her he isn't that man but something that will treat her like the queen she is. 

This is an amazing opening to an amazing love story. This book shows us how Max and Jenna met it also introduces us to Matt and Becky which will have stories of their own soon enough. We also find out some of both of their insecurities and why they are reluctant to start something new. I would highly recommend this book it is amazing and will have you hooked from the first word to the very last.  

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