Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Review of Twas the Knight before Christmas by M. Clarke

I'm already a huge fan of this series and you really need to read the previous books in this series before this one or it could reveal things and ruin the endings to the other books. 

Now with that being said we are back revisiting Max & Jenna, Matthew and Becky (Becca) and all of their kids. In this book we find out what this family is going to do for Christmas. Now if you think this will be and easy here it is kind of book then you don't know this family. We will get to see what they have gotten as special gifts for one and all but there will also be a few bumps in the road. 

This book we teach us about love and family and how to show your family how you really feel about them no matter what season you are in. I like how they show no matter how much money you might have the one thing we all need is love from family. I would highly recommend this book but like I said read the others first so you have no spoilers.  

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