Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Review of For Shift's Sake by Mina Carter

Holy cow if you are looking for a book that gives you heat and a great story-line look no further. 

In this book we meet Reese and Bobbi. Reese is a man who has just retired from the military for his first stop as a free man he thinks that he will hit Las Vegas. Oh ya did I mention he is a British werebear? Talk about heat right there. On his way though he gets a call from his old military buddy named Daniel asking him to check on his human sister in their hometown. Reese thinks will probably be an in and out check things out make the bullies stop and be on his way what he finds is so much more. 

Bobbi is adopted and her adoptive parents were killed in a car wreck 2 years earlier. While it has never been her dream to run a cafe & motel this is what she is doing nowadays just to make ends meet. Bobbi knows nothing about her adoptive parents or her brother because before she was old enough to be told they were killed. Daniel isn't around very much with his military career so he figured why tell her. Well the reason why just walked into the cafe looking good enough for Bobbi to eat in one bite, or die trying at least. Bobbi feels the instant pull but doesn't understand it like Reese does. Resse figures out pretty quick that he has found his mate but with Bobbi being human can she accept him? Will she get the chance to find out when the town's biggest bully has set his sites on her and isn't taking no for an answer. 

Like it started this review, this book is hot. There are so many twists and turns in this book like will her brother come home to help save her or will he be stuck overseas? Will Bobbi be able to handle the attraction between her and Reese? Can she handle finding out he is a bear? Will the town bully get her before Reese gets to lay it all out for her? These questions and more are answered in this book. It is a short read but packs a punch. I would highly recommend it.

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