Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Review of Can't get you off my mind by Emma Roman

I received this book as an ARC for an honest review. 

In this book we meet Zoe Morgan and Roark Stinson. Roark is one of the three grandson's of the local railroad tycoon. Upon his death the three boys find out their fate at the reading of the will. They must each marry and produce a child in 1 year. Roark works to hard and never takes time to himself, Nic has a long term girlfriend and hasn't even hinted at marriage in the 4 years they've been together and TJ well his takes playboy to a whole new level. Each of them must follow through with it or loose their control of the company, they will still receive their dividends but upon their death (whoever doesn't complete the task) that person's shares will be sold off on the open market. Each of the brothers think this is ridiculous but can not find a way to break the will so they must find who they are meant to be with. After storming out of the lawyers office Roark knocks into a woman who knocks into Zoe and causes her to crash head first into a fish tank. Roark feels something for this woman and thinks maybe just maybe she could be the one to solve all his problems. If only he can get her to see it his way. 

Zoe is a woman who throughout her life has had one hard know after another. First she never met her father and believes he just abandoned her. Next her mother is a drug addict who when she was 12 tried to kidnap her she got away but has not seen her mother since. When she was a freshman in high school she was in a car accident that almost took her life and left her with a scar that runs almost the length of her body. She has lived with her grandma since she was little and now she has Alzheimer's and is in a home because after that accident Zoe and her grandmother were determined to pay all those medical bills themselves which made them loose everything. Zoe lives on her best friends coach and works three jobs just to keep up with it all so when she hits her head in the lawyers office she is ready to breakdown. Zoe knows she will loose at least on her jobs right now she is just hoping to keep the other two but when the doctor Roark brings to see her tells her bed rest for a week she feels like her world has fallen apart. 

This is a great story about two people who focus more on other's than themselves and when forced together don't know how to communicate with one another. The both are looking for love but don't know how to accept that it might be happening to them when it shows up. The strength of these two characters will astound you and will have you cheering that they get a happy ending. This is an absolute must read. i would highly recommend it to anyone and everyone. 

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