Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Review of Biker's Claim by B.B. Hamel

I received this book as an ARC for an honest review.

In this book we meet Clutch and Janine. Both of these people have grown up in harsh conditions and both of them in their own way found there way to the Demons MC. When Janine was little her father a founding member of the Demons MC and a mean drunk. One night he takes it all to far and beats her mother to death and has come after her but for some reason Larkin stopped by stepped in and saved her. Larkin is the president of the Demons MC and her adopted father so no one touches the princess without possibly encoring his wrath. Janine knows of only one man who gets to her as much as her dad does and that is Clutch. He doesn't take her crap but he also doesn't make a move. When Janine needs a bodyguard because some really bad things are happening with the club Clutch is assigned the job. When she agrees to something for the club that will affect her this time is she strong enough to prove that she is worth being in the club or will she fall for Clutch and ruin everything?

Clutch has been attracted to Janine for years now but hasn't made a move because of who she belongs to. Clutch is a good enforcer and a loyal member of the club he is determined to resist his attraction for her not matter what. He finds that more difficult when he is assigned as her bodyguard and has to stick with her 24/7. Protecting Janine is a privilege and a pain in his ass. The things he wants to do to this woman have nothing to do with keeping her safe. When a rival gang comes to kill Janine just like was thought they would Clutch begins to realize that he would do anything for this woman even kill for her. What happens though when the main reason he is protecting her becomes a fight on all sides does he go after the woman of his dreams or will they both be victims again?

This book is an amazing MC book it is packed full of danger, intrigue, and twist that will have you hooked to the very end. Just when you think you know what will happen next that author does something to have you going wow give me more. This book is also about finding that perfect person for you and fighting to have them in your life. I want to tell you so much about this book but as a reader I hate spoilers. So I will say I would highly recommend this book it will blow your socks off.

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