Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Review of Inside the Office by F.L. Jacob

If you read Behind the computer than you will remember Liam he was dating Sawyer in the first book. Since the break-up Liam has been a little lost unsure of himself even until one day he bumps into a woman from his office in the mall. Liam has but hasn't really seen Marissa in the past. However on this day he feels a crackle between them that he has never felt with any woman including Sawyer. However after his time with Sawyer he is a little insecure and a little gun shy to put a label on what they have. Liam wonders can he have a woman to call his own this time or will he be left sitting all alone again.

Marissa has seen Liam around the office but was told he had a girlfriend so she didn't push anything with him. She has heard the roomers about the fact that Sawyer cheated on him because other authors have talked about it. She never pushes him for the whole story but hopes one day he will trust her enough with it. There is a part of Marissa that is a little gun shy about labeling this whatever they are because they work in the same office. Marissa likes her job and doesn't want to loose it just because she is seeing someone of higher rank than her. Can she get past her insecurities and really give Liam a chance?

This is a great story about falling in love after going through something that makes you question who you are. This book is a short story like Behind the Computer, but it packs a punch. We get to see how men deal with a breakup and seeing the ex again for the first time. I would highly recommend this book to anyone and everyone.

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