Saturday, April 2, 2016

Review of Double Dealing by Lauren Landish

I received this book as an ARC for an honest review. 

In this book we meet Felix and Francois Hardy as well as Jordan Banks. Jordan is a woman who is just looking to make it in the music business but there aren't many opportunities for a woman guitarist ou there. So to make sure she can pay the bills she will take any job out there. When a job as a tour guide opens up she jumps on the chance. When her boss also offers her a job on the janitorial crew, she thinks why not she could really use the extra money. So when two thieves come into to steal the priceless Japanese katana swords she has no clue and neither do they. So when she literally runs into one of them that night they have to take her to ensure that if she did get a good look at him that there is no way she can turn them in. After Jordan's capture she goes on many adventures with these men and realizes how boring her life has actually been up to this point. There is just one problems she is having she realizes she is falling for not one of these men but both of them. Does she have to choose or can she have the adventure with them and the love of two men?

Felix and Francois never plan on meeting up with Jordon they sure didn't plan on her throwing a monkey wrench in their well planned out theft of the swords. However they are not sure how to feel about the woman they are both falling for. The other problem the boys are having is the growing issues they have of their birthright. These boys come from nontraditional means and being with the same woman would fall in line with how they were raised. However when hurt and resentment enter the picture how can this type of relationship actually work.

There are many twists and turns in this book that will have you wondering what will happen next to this group. The problem that I found with it is there are a lot of place where the story drags. I understand the need for reference but there are points where it feels like there is to much reference that stalls the story-line. The relationship between this these three really has some dynamics that should have been in the story more than all the reference materials. Over all there is a very good story that will have you wondering what will happen by the end of the book to these three. I would recommend it. 

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