Friday, April 15, 2016

Review of To Find a Mate by Camryn Rhys & Krystal Shannan

I received this book as an ARC for an honest review. 

In this book we Adam and Paige. Adam is ademate that he will never have a fated mate, little did he know he might have already met her. When Adam's hook-up find her fated he is happy for her but thought that they would end up together. Even though there is no deep feelings between them he didn't think that would be something he would have a always believed that he would have to settle. So when he goes in for his weekly stop at the local baker he notices something is off. He doesn't know what is off but before he can figure it out Paige says something to throw him off his game. Can he figure it all out before it is to late?

Paige is the local baker and her favorite day is Friday because this is the day that Adam comes in to have his coffee with his friend and her boss Berg. Berg knows about Paige's on going obsession with Adam so he decides to help her out when she comes on he Friday off. Paige doesn't know what it is about Adam but knows she just wants to be near him all the time. So when she sees two shifters change from human to wolf on the back part of her property she thinks this must be because of bad mushrooms. Little does she know this is not the last time she will see these two shift and when she does it will have dire consequences. Can Adam get to her in time to save her or will she be lost to him forever?

This is another amazing story in this series. In this book we see what might happen if you fight fate. Finding love is a magical thing and these characters show us that time and time again. For example in the beginning when they are going to the feed store just the touch of his hand on her lower back sends sparks through her. I would recommend this book you will find one surprise after another in it. This is a must read, it can be read as a stand alone. 

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