Saturday, April 9, 2016

Review of The Right Spot by Bianca D'arc

I received this book as an ARC for an honest review. 

In this book we meet Patty Montone and Mario Brandon. Patty is with the police force in Grayslake and her bear is on the lookout for its mate the problem she is having is most men find her to dominate. Patty wants a mate but isn't sure she will ever find someone who can deal with all of her. So when she goes on a call with Van (the local enforcer) and finds her sister the woman that she was needed for she is most focused on her but there is a part of her that takes notice of the guy who made the call. Mario is a man that she isn't sure what to make of but her bear knows what it wants and right now it wants him. However Patty wonders will he stick around when he finds out she is not a submissive bear willing to roll over for anyone. 

Mario comes from a proud and powerful line of jaguar's. Though he is only a half breed he was the one to inherit a gift from his mother's family that has helped guide him out of any potentially harmful situations. It has also sent him on the right path to be where he is needs to be as well. So when his gift sends him to Grayslake he doesn't know why he is there but is willing to stick around for a while and figure it out. On his first night there he thinks he knows why when he hears the couple next door fighting and the man hit the woman. His sense of honor sends him over to check things out and help the woman anyway he can. When she shies away from him he knows she needs more help than he can give and calls in the police little did he know that this shy woman would bring his mate right to his door. Mario can barely contain his cat as it tries to reach for his mate and mark her immediately but Mario knows she has strength that he needs to prove he can accept before she will let him mark her.  However when more trouble comes and he has to tell her about his past can she accept him for who he is or will her strength and her job be a hindrance for their mating?

In this book we learn to be true to yourself and not to settle for less than you deserve. This book shows us that just because you think that no one can accept you just might mean that perfect person is just taking a bit long to get to you. This book has amazing intrigue as well. Through most of this book you aren't quite sure what Mario's skills really are but you sure find out quite a few in this book. I want to tell you all about this book but as a reader I hate spoilers and you never know what another person will feel is a spoiler. I would highly recommend this book to anyone and everyone. 

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