Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Review of Marked for Death by J.C. Valentine

I received this book with the understanding that I could leave a voluntary and honest review. 

In this book we meet Tiffany and Ryder. These are two people trying to just stay alive never knowing about the other, one day that all changes. Though they both feel something for the other they know the things in their own life should keep them apart. What happens when all the reasons they are apart don't seem to seem so big? Will they have a HEA or as close to a biker version of that LOL or will they lose their life before they will get that chance?

This is a book that will have you hooked from the first word to the very end. There are many ups and downs in this book that I want to tell you all about but don't want to ruin it for any other readers. I will say this is one of those books that will have you locking the door, ordering dinner, and sending the kids to another house. I would highly recommend it to anyone and everyone. 

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