Thursday, June 7, 2018

Review of Rough Stuff by Madison Faye

I received this book with the understanding that I could leave a voluntary and honest review. 

In this book we meet Roman and Quinn. Roman was put in charge to watch over and protect Quinn. Quinn is in a tight spot she was sold to her husband when her father couldn't pay his gambling debts. Now she is a mob bosses wife and she can't stand one moment of it. When they first met it was only supposed to be a night of no holds barred fun. Now however they wonder will they find a way to have their own HEA or will that one night be all they will ever get?

This book is hot hot hot. Another amazing book by this author. It has it's ups and downs that I really want to tell you about. I however don't want to ruin it for any other readers. I will say this book will have you hooked from the first word to the very end. I would highly recommend it to anyone and everyone.

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