Thursday, August 30, 2018

Cover Reveal Her Rough Mountain Outlaw by Madison Faye

Her Rough Mountain Outlaw - coming this Tuesday!

Read the full blurb below!

Surprise! It's cover reveal day!

Her Rough Mountain Outlaw, book six in the Blackthorn Mountain Men series (they're all standalones, by the way!) will be hitting the Amazon shelves this coming Tuesday, September 4th! You got a teasing first glimpse of Stone, the former sergeant-at-arms for the Lost Devils MC in His Hard Mountain Wood.Well, now you can get your hand all over his very own book!

The outlaw with the dark past, the sassy single mom with danger on her heels? Wild, alpha af mountain men, babies, action, and literally sex on a motorcycle. What's not to love? ;).

You can read the full blurb below, and you can also catch an exclusive sneak peek of chapter one on my website by tapping right here!

Be sure to check out the crazy hot new ones below from Penelope Bloom and Kelli Callahan, and have a wonderful (long, if you're in the States) weekend! See ya Tuesday for your dose of mountain man!



Dominant, wild, and alpha af.
This single mom just got tangled up with the hardest new outlaw on the mountain.

And he’s about to show her how a real man claims what’s his.

I was a beast. A devil on two wheels. A rebel outlaw with a gun on my hip and a bigger one between my legs. Seven bullets almost put me in the ground, and now, all I’m looking for is a fresh start up on Blackthorn Mountain

But when I cross paths with the gorgeous, sassy single mom on the run, everything changes.

Beautiful, fierce, and temping as all hell. Soft, pouty lips that were made for me to claim, curves that make my engine roar, and legs that I can’t wait to get my filthy hands all over. I’ve got no business getting tangled up with Jackie McKinnon. But one touch of her soft skin, and one taste of her mouth, and I know she’s mine.

She’s got trouble hunting her down, though. Her abusive dirty cop of an ex thinks he can lay hands on her and her little girl Brooke again, but he has no idea how fucking wrong he is.

Because this is my mountain, Jackie and her little girl are mine to protect and keep safe, and I’ll bury anyone who tries to hurt them.

I found her, I claimed her, and I’m keeping her. Jackie needs a real man.

…And she’s about to get every damn inch of one.

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